Happenings from the vineyards, wineries and roads travelled between.

Craft Farm Harvest 2016

Our 2016 harvest started in late March with the Chardonnay and Muscat grapes.  A month later we picked Albarino and Gewurztraminer.

Raymond Chan Review of the Tono

Tono Spanish-Inspired Wines by Ant Mackenzie With over two decades working in wine, Ant Mackenzie has experienced a journey that would be the envy of many aspiring winemakers today. Heading winemaking positions at Framingham, Spy Valley, Mud House, then with…
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Five minutes in the NZ Herald

Why did you become a winemaker? I figured out early winemaking was going to be a job I would never get bored of because it calls on many different skills and the playing field changes every year. It is also…
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